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About us

'Creativity is my fuel; Wine is my passion. Being a wine negociant is more than my job, it's my lifestyle. I am very fortunate to be able to do what I love, every day. I look forward to my work taking me to various places around the world'

Melanated Wine was created to decomplicate wineand embody our motto, "uncork the culture." Founder Lashonda Fort-Modest believed that the minority community had been overlooked in the area of wine."I often felt that when I went grocery shopping or occasionally visited a wine shop or explored a vineyard, there was nothing that spoke to people like me."This oversight led Lashonda to ask, what was the wine industry missing regarding people of color?This question would propel her to learn about the industry; growers, grapes, tannins, and all things wine in hopes to decomplicate the complexities of the buying experience. "I believe wine can be fun, educational, delicious, and above everything uncomplicated."Melanated Wine believes wine can be vibrant, energetic, and fun. But, most importantly, an opportunity for everyone to enjoy delicious wine and gain an understanding of what they are experiencing.