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Blackberry Wine (DREAM)

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Varietal: Wine

ML: 750ML
Alchohol Volume: 10.0%
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True craftsmanship was the catalyst for selecting only the finest Blackberries for this unique fruit wine. It is the culmination of a DREAM, and the possibility of bringing this bold aspiration to reality. Let the perfection of sweet deliciousness tickle your tastebuds as you Dream your own Dream.

All-natural Juicy blackberry wine so good you’ll be (DREAM-ing) about your next taste. Ripened blackberry and sweet berry flavors make this sweet white wine special.

 Product Features:

Blackberry, warm spice

10.0% alc by volume | 750 ml

Pairs well with great company.

Made and packaged in North Carolina.

 Tasting Note:

Our blackberry wine was a blend carefully curated by our winemaker here in North Carolina. We use all North Carolina grown blackberries It's proper Any-night wine.

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